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Dear Unsuspecting Reader,

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An insomniac from Oracle in California just visited my site. And my sitemeter visitor count crossed 10,000 (yeah, yeah, I do get kicks out of stuff like this). Of course, about 2000 of these visits were those that I had made (to check the count). Nevertheless, now that some of you have been lulled into visiting this blog regularly, let me cunningly slip-in a quick cross-promotion for my twitter updates.

I joined twitter a week back and I’m absolutely hooked on to it. All random thoughts can be instantly SMSed to Twitterland and they join an incredibly rich pool of information, entertainment and nonsense. All in a snack-sized length of less than 140 characters. Here are some of my Tweets of last week…

Bakri Id is a week away but the slaughter of (scape)goats has begun.

Chidambaram as home minister. Now I am hoping for a home-loan waiver.

Vilas Rao Deshmukh says that Ram Gopal Verma is not a terrorist. He obviously hasn’t seen RGV Ki Aag.

R.R. Patil said it wasn’t a complete intelligence failure. He was wrong. It was. In his head.

Apparently the dead terrorists were turned away from paradise. Jihad and all that is fine but they shouldn’t have shaved their beards.

Manmohan Singh visited my area yesterday, so all roads were widened and surfaced. Let’s have 25 PMs who criss-cross India non-stop.

All politicians in India will finally come together because they have found a common enemy – the public.

The only reason Barkha still has her job is the fact that her name is an anagram of Khabar.

Ramadoss to ban terrorism in public places.

You can follow my twitter updates by clicking here. And if you are extremely masochistic, you can opt to get the updates as SMSes. I, in turn, solemnly swear, that I will not inflict on you any of the “Ramesh is hungry” or “Ramesh is getting into a plane” kind of titbits that pass off as facebook status updates.


PS : For a hilarious look at facebook status updates, check out face value.

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  1. Kirk says:

    This is something interesting I ran across >LetsAllTweet.com

  2. PRax says:

    wow that is really witty

    good post

  3. gayathri-vishwanathan says:

    All politicians in India will finally come together because they have found a common enemy – the public.

    so true indeed :)

  4. Rahul Jauhari says:

    I think u need to make a collection of these :-)


  5. Pramod Biligiri says:

    Man that just cracked me up!!
    Can you continue to post a weekly update of your tweets on your blog? :P It helps people like me who want to laugh long and hard at the end of the week instead of a little bit each day :)

  6. Gopinath's "Artickles" says:

    Ramesh, Nice tweets. Happy tweeting! Do post some limericks in my latest post in case you love to pen them or have a collection of some naughty ones already!

  7. kusublakki says:

    Lol..I loved the Barkha Dutt anagram and the bit on politicians..

    Good post again :)

  8. Abhishek says:

    A somniac (isn’t that opposite of insomniac) from Oracle, Hyderabad just visited your blog :)

  9. Rahul Jauhari says:

    tweeting….and how…

  10. DontheCat says:

    NSG Commandos continue to protect Terrorists within India

  11. vipinveetil says:

    Ramdoss yet again ;)

  12. Vadakkoodan says:

    i recently started reading ur posts… and subscribed. ur posts r really good… :)

  13. Vishwas Krishna says:

    That terrorist tweet was super. But my favourite is “Shivraj Patil leaves home and goes home”

  14. Sarit says:

    Good stuff. Do share a feed of twitters on your blog if possible. Makes for good time killing and mindlessness

  15. Gireesh says:

    sir ji.you forgot to mention the “bird flu caused by Immigrant birds and hope that Ramdoss doesnt ban them “-tweet.

    That was one of ur best,acc to me .Along with the RR Patil one,that u have mentioned.

    May u tweet long and keep the fun going forever.

  16. rupa rao says:

    very funny… especially the ram gopal varma and barkha ones… :)

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