July, 2009

Jul 09

Modi & Modi United

There’s a politically charged atmosphere in the room. All the leading reporters of India are babbling excitedly. Two of India’s most reputed administrators have called for a press conference. Rumours abound that a new political party is to be launched.

With Congress continuing to have congress with the public, BJP neither helping the Bharatiya Janata nor allowing anybody to Party, and thinking having left all leftist thinkers, the time seems ripe for a new formation.

In walks Narendra Modi in a spotless kurta-pajama and Lalit Modi in a spotted tie and his (only?) grey suit. There’s an eager silence as Lalit Modi unfolds a (thankfully) small piece of paper and reads from it…

I, Lalit Modi & he, Narendra Modi, have realized that we are India’s most capable administrators. We have, therefore, decided to launch a new political party – Modisattva. The party will work for peace, prosperity & high TRPs. I hereby declare the Modisattva party open. Any questions folks?

Reporter : Hi, I’m from the Pioneer, so I’ll ask the first question, heh heh. So, Mr. Modi, why have you decided to leave the BJP? And you Mr. Lalit Modi. Why are you leaving the IPL?

Narendra Modi : Well, for a party that calls itself right-wing, the BJP is getting too many things wrong. Our terrorism plank backfired. We tried Ram and got rammed. In fact, the elections results were such a joke that the party is now in splits. I believe it’s time to move on.


Jul 09

B2B – Back To Blogging

Mein Gita ke upar haath rakh ke… Ouch! Gita tells me that she doesn’t appreciate being pawed by me. Let’s do this in English, shall we…

I place my hand on the Gita and swear…Damn! Gita has a problem with this too. Let’s just leave her out of this.

I solemnly swear that I will stop mucking around with WordPress, CSS, PHP, plugins & themes; stop ducking around with the excuse of being too busy at work & play; and resume er… lucking around with politicians, media-people, and all the other clowns who inhabit our country.

In other words, back to active blogging.

The bar-hopping was fun incidentally, and I’m amazed at the variety of options that this WordPress joint has. I went through thousands of themes before arriving at this one, so I hope you like it. If you don’t, just hold your nose and take a few gulps. It’s an acquired taste. But it took me a month or so to like it, so keep at it, dear reader.

Meanwhile, Manmohan resumed his dithering, his ministers are blithering, Advani continued his withering and Muthalik, I hear, is slithering back. So there’s lots more to put, and put we shall.


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