November, 2009

Nov 09

PUB – The Progressive Union of Bloggers

Voting for the Indibloggies has started and exit polls indicate that the voters are hopelessly in splits. So some of us candidates have decided to form a united front with a common, extremely minimum programme. Presenting – The Progressive Union of Bloggers.


While the PUB has many happy hours, we understand that you, dear reader, have only a few minutes to spare. So here are short, snappy, 100-word speeches from the members of this alliance…


Nov 09


vote-mePut what, you ask? Put vote, I say.

Indibloggies, as you all know, is a highly prestigious award, which, after recent developments, has overtaken even the Nobel Peace Prize, in terms of credibility & importance.

Like its cheap imitations (Grammys, Oscars, etc.), Indibloggies too has various categories in which awards are given out. There are some technical awards like Best Blog & Most Humorous Blog which one needs to sit through. But by far, the most important categories are of course – “Best New Indiblog” and “Best IndiMicroblog”.

This blog has been shortlisted for “Best New Indiblog”. New??? Well it was quite new when nominations were called for. Since then, we have aged gracefully, but I would like to believe that Let’s Put Da still retains a lot of its childish immaturity.

Now all you need to do is write a program that keeps hitting the site and voting for ‘Let’s Put Da” – a cyber version of booth capturing. If your ethical code prevents you from doing this, you can do it the hard way – by visiting the site and voting. I’m not sure if a person can vote multiple times, but if not, you can always log in with various aliases (a list of names you could use is provided here).

So please go forth & vote and help Let’s Put Da join the ranks of Shiney Ahuja, Tushar Kapoor & Bobby Deol.

Incidentally, my twitter updates which be found here, or here, have been shortlisted for “Best IndiMicroblog”. So while you are at it, you might as well vote for me there too.

For the record, the person I admire most is Mother Teresa, and if I win I will work for world peace.

Here is the link to the polls – Indibloggies.

PS : Here are a few slogans that you can use to spread the word…

I’ll kick you with my foot da,
If you don’t vote for Let’s Put Da.

What is idli without vada,
What is bloggies without Let’s Put Da

Other blogs ko quote karo
Par Let’s Put Da ko vote karo.