Jan 14

A Tweet & Sour Look at 2013

I think as one grows older and older, the year gets shorter and shorter. Perhaps, the effective duration of a year is the percentage of your life you spent in it. So, a 1-year old experienced a full-fledged 2013, whereas at 45, the year just represented 1/45 of my life. So it sort of whizzed past in 8 days or so. Yeah, life sucks. But I do feel somewhat superior to Advani and Karunanidhi for whom 2013 must have felt like a day.

In any case, even this short year was packed with entertainment, mostly provided by our esteemed leaders. So, here is the way I saw 2013. Tweet by tweet…



Narendra Modi to lead the BJP campaign for 2014. Meh! The Congress decided their leader 42 years back.

18 months of Mulayam Singh & Akhilesh Yadav, and slowly Mayawati is appearing like a nice cuddly CM who encouraged stone-based fine arts.

Rahul Gandhi is right. Of course India is a beehive. Hajaar worker bees. Many drones hanging around in parliament. And er… one queen bee.

I think we can make a reality show out of these Rahul vs Modi debates. We could call it The Rodis.

Of course, DMK will separate from Congress. They have big idealogical differences. Congress: Divide and rule. DMK: Multiply and rule.

2014 Election Playoff Fixtures: 1) Congress vs People. 2) BJP vs BJP. 3) Winner of 1 vs Winner of 2. 4) Subramanian Swamy declares victory.

Well done AAP. Even Sachin Tendulkar only scored 15 on debut.

Modi wave started from Gujarat, the Western end of India. So, Rahul wave has been planned to start from the Eastern end, Mizoram. Clever.

So, Congress and BJP distributed free booze before the election. AAP is giving free water after the election. WHERE IS THE PEANUT MASALA?


Dec 13

Great Expectations

My poor blog. Have been ignoring it for years now. Basically because these days even my thoughts never exceed 140 characters. But once in a while, I am forced to write these incredibly long pieces of er… 800 words. Like this article I wrote for Business World on “Digital in 2014″. They did publish it, and actually, instead of reading my blog, you can read it here. But, I thought, I might as well post it here also, and again start referring to myself as a ‘Blogger’. Why? Because it still does sound cooler than ‘Tweeter’ or ‘Facebookie’ or ‘Linkedinian’. No? Anyway, here it is… 

Hey, I got an easy topic to write on – Digital in 2014. Easy, because anyone can predict anything on digital, and everything will be wrong anyway. (The only man who usually got it right is sitting in heaven boring the hell out of God by telling him why the iPad Mini should not have been launched). And if by some chance, a prediction does turn out to be right, then I can immediately add “Technology Futurist” to my LinkedIn profile. So, what’s there to lose. Here goes…

In 2014, an incredible amount of useless data will be collected. Internet data, mobile usage, location fixes, wearable technology… where you are, what you’re doing, how you’re feeling… your heart-rate, blood pressure, bowel movements… everything will be captured, digitized and stored.

This ‘information’ will then be crunched by buzzword-based crowdfunded companies that offer real-time marketing using big data on the cloud on a freemium basis. These companies will help brands target you better with their free online services that are supported by ads from other free ad-supported online services. (Exception: Onions, however, will continue to be expensive because their easily detachable peels make them unsuitable for an ad-supported monetization model.)


Jun 10

Interview with Blog Adda

The title says it all. Here’s the link.

Nov 09

PUB – The Progressive Union of Bloggers

Voting for the Indibloggies has started and exit polls indicate that the voters are hopelessly in splits. So some of us candidates have decided to form a united front with a common, extremely minimum programme. Presenting – The Progressive Union of Bloggers.


While the PUB has many happy hours, we understand that you, dear reader, have only a few minutes to spare. So here are short, snappy, 100-word speeches from the members of this alliance…


Nov 09


vote-mePut what, you ask? Put vote, I say.

Indibloggies, as you all know, is a highly prestigious award, which, after recent developments, has overtaken even the Nobel Peace Prize, in terms of credibility & importance.

Like its cheap imitations (Grammys, Oscars, etc.), Indibloggies too has various categories in which awards are given out. There are some technical awards like Best Blog & Most Humorous Blog which one needs to sit through. But by far, the most important categories are of course – “Best New Indiblog” and “Best IndiMicroblog”.

This blog has been shortlisted for “Best New Indiblog”. New??? Well it was quite new when nominations were called for. Since then, we have aged gracefully, but I would like to believe that Let’s Put Da still retains a lot of its childish immaturity.

Now all you need to do is write a program that keeps hitting the site and voting for ‘Let’s Put Da” – a cyber version of booth capturing. If your ethical code prevents you from doing this, you can do it the hard way – by visiting the site and voting. I’m not sure if a person can vote multiple times, but if not, you can always log in with various aliases (a list of names you could use is provided here).

So please go forth & vote and help Let’s Put Da join the ranks of Shiney Ahuja, Tushar Kapoor & Bobby Deol.

Incidentally, my twitter updates which be found here, or here, have been shortlisted for “Best IndiMicroblog”. So while you are at it, you might as well vote for me there too.

For the record, the person I admire most is Mother Teresa, and if I win I will work for world peace.

Here is the link to the polls – Indibloggies.

PS : Here are a few slogans that you can use to spread the word…

I’ll kick you with my foot da,
If you don’t vote for Let’s Put Da.

What is idli without vada,
What is bloggies without Let’s Put Da

Other blogs ko quote karo
Par Let’s Put Da ko vote karo.

Jul 09

B2B – Back To Blogging

Mein Gita ke upar haath rakh ke… Ouch! Gita tells me that she doesn’t appreciate being pawed by me. Let’s do this in English, shall we…

I place my hand on the Gita and swear…Damn! Gita has a problem with this too. Let’s just leave her out of this.

I solemnly swear that I will stop mucking around with WordPress, CSS, PHP, plugins & themes; stop ducking around with the excuse of being too busy at work & play; and resume er… lucking around with politicians, media-people, and all the other clowns who inhabit our country.

In other words, back to active blogging.

The bar-hopping was fun incidentally, and I’m amazed at the variety of options that this WordPress joint has. I went through thousands of themes before arriving at this one, so I hope you like it. If you don’t, just hold your nose and take a few gulps. It’s an acquired taste. But it took me a month or so to like it, so keep at it, dear reader.

Meanwhile, Manmohan resumed his dithering, his ministers are blithering, Advani continued his withering and Muthalik, I hear, is slithering back. So there’s lots more to put, and put we shall.


Short Puts – the collection of my twitter updates can now be found here.

May 09

Let’s Hop Da

Dear Reader,

We’ve been ‘putting’ for some time at the Blogger Bar. The ambience is familiar, the waiters are our friends and the management has been tolerant.

But the time has come to hop. To check out another bar. The one called WordPress. I’ve heard they have better decor and a much better variety of drinks. All at the same reasonable rate (zero) as Blogger.

So let’s settle the bill here and stagger on to the next bar. It might take a couple of days to get there. I’ll probably stumble on the way. We might lose each other. But, what the heck. I’m sure we’ll all get there somehow.

I’m writing this post so that if you lose me during this hop, you know where to find me. But then again, if I screw things up, this post too will disappear. Aaaargh. Life is complex. I need a drink.

OK. Let’s go. See you there.


Feb 09

No More Tweets For You

Dear Reader,

We’ve been Putting for some time now. And it has been most enjoyable (at least, hic, for me). Anything to do with spirits & conversation usually is. But writing a blogpost means that I have to hunt high & low and unhealthily scrape the bottom of various barrels to string together a collection of PJs. My fingernails then take some time to grow (before I can start scraping again, I mean).

Enter Twitter. Where a PJ can be sent in solitary splendour, and that too instantaneously, before inconvenient things like scruples & judgment come in the way. But then, a problem with Twitter is the lack of interaction. I send my Tweet, and then can only imagine, the groans of unsuspecting readers. In the past, I’ve posted what in my opinion, are the best of my Tweets. But what about the rest? Don’t they deserve to be condemned, castigated & censured too? If you can’t prick them, how will they bleed?

Which is why I’ve now started a new blog (or technically speaking – a microblog) which I can update many times a day by simply posting my twitter updates. So if this blog attempts to replicate a reasonably long drink, that one is more a series of shots. Hence the name – Short Puts. (Suggested by advertise_meant)

Do check it out at And the more comments you leave, the more chance it has, of becoming some sort of wikipedia of PJs. And btw, my fingernails have grown quite a bit since the last post in this blog. So I shall be putting a new one soon. Cheers.


Dec 08

Let’s Tweet Da

Dear Unsuspecting Reader,

An insomniac from Oracle in California just visited my site. And my sitemeter visitor count crossed 10,000 (yeah, yeah, I do get kicks out of stuff like this). Of course, about 2000 of these visits were those that I had made (to check the count). Nevertheless, now that some of you have been lulled into visiting this blog regularly, let me cunningly slip-in a quick cross-promotion for my twitter updates.

I joined twitter a week back and I’m absolutely hooked on to it. All random thoughts can be instantly SMSed to Twitterland and they join an incredibly rich pool of information, entertainment and nonsense. All in a snack-sized length of less than 140 characters. Here are some of my Tweets of last week…