Short Puts

Wikipedia – It (2013) is also the first year to be denoted by four different digits in 26 years. #facepalm

Yeah. We need a special session of Parliament. Parties can put special uproar & stage special walk-outs. And all our problems will be solved

Women shouldn’t wear jeans; shouldn’t dress provocatively; shouldn’t wear skirts. – Our netas’ ideas for redressing the situation.

2012. The end of a yeara.

Back in Bangalore from Ahmedabad. Looking fondly at the booze shops along the road.

#IndvsPak Good show by Dhoni-Ashwin-Raina. Now, sure victory. Why? Because D.A.R. ke aage jeet hai.

The three pillars of democracy – Parliament: Makes laws. | Judiciary: Interprets laws. | Executive: Decides when to shut metro stations.

After all that happened, giving her names like Nirbhaya and Amanat seems so insincere. R.I.P.

Has Ratan Tata retired from all forms of the game, or only ODI’s? #ImportantQuestions

Cyrus Mistry takes over from Ratan Tata. Good chance to put rehash. –…

There’s a ‘bar’ in ‘sabarmati’. #JustSaying

Yes yes. IIM. India’s leading literature school.

In Ahmedabad after 20 years, for college reunion. The moment I landed, craving for alcohol started. It’s the city I tell you.

Pay Rs. 200. Jump check-in Q. – Fast-Forward. I like Indigo, man. But I expect them to soon charge 10 bucks to tell you Baahar Ka Taapman.

My son would never say anything like this. – PA Sangma.